domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

Day 11, Dec 31- Puerto Madryn

We arrived to Puerto Madryn kind of late, but we did. For this port we didnt have any tour, we were deciding to which place to go: Punta Tombo or Punta Valdés.
When we get off the ship their were many tour guides, we ask one and we decide that we are go to Punta Valdés. The way was kind of long but she explain us very good all abouth the zone and animals.

Finally we arrive in Punta Valdes, it was great, you can see more penguins that in Ottway Sound in Punta Arenas and it was 15 c. You can also sea all kind of animals, sepcially the sea elephants, oh gosh it was many of them and you could see them like 3 or 4 meters of distance. There is a path were you can see this animals in the beach.
There is also a cafeteria or restaurant, their cakes also excellent not like in Ushuaia but very good. Well this is a short review of what happen. In the way back we saw strange animals in the land.

So after all it was a good tour, saw 3 types of animals instead of just penguins. I love this place.

Oh and we have the luck of meeting some colombians very nice, that we lend them 25 dollars they pay us the 25 plus a 25 decoration of the flower shop. What a good friends.

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