miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

Day 8- Ushuaia Dec 28

I arrive at Ushuaia early, for my luck we docked, and the ncl sun did not, jaja. We have breakfast in the Trellis to try it, it was good but not excellent, their eggs were just plastic, well it was kind of better than the buffet.

For this port we want it to go to the National Park but we didnt have a tour, but no problem, as you arrive to the port plenty of city tours or other tours will be there, just one thing its just more the transportation because they dont explain you very well. But this port is just wow, you can see many views, this was the best tour for people who love nature. From the port was like 30 minutes or less, when we arrived you can choose where do you want to go, first we arrive in a lake, weres theres the post office, you will think it will take months, but its faster than from Europe, after this we went to more panoramic sites, very good, I just loved it and theres a Cafeteria, you need to eat the cakes. We also went to see beavers, but we only saw the thing they destroy, this animal is not for this place. Then we return to the city, oh and I was short this place its amaizing I recomend it at all.

When we get at the city we have a problem, no money, we only have Chile Pesos, and Mexican Pesos, no dollars or argentine pesos, so I need it to go the ship, my kids stay in the car its very secure, and then I return, and incredible for 3 or 4 persons its 100 dollars in the cruise tours 95 dollars per person, but I recomend the ship tour for solo travelers.

At the final they leave us at the Prision Museum where is next to the Marine Museum, nice to see, it takes you like 30 minutes. Then you can go walking for 10 minutes and we arrived to the port.

Its excellent this port this is one of the main ports I think its the one where it get more ships.

For the next of the afternoon we just rest and then went to have dinner at the Trellis, I loved this place

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