viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Day 5-25- At sea

Well we woke up a little late, because of the night before, this day it had many things, like Santa come in the Theater, but just in the morning, they also have some activities for all the family. Like decorate a cookie, and more things, also all day they were other xmas perks. What something I like were some photos, but they were very expensive, 20 bucks for each one, imagine, well some were good especially the proffesional of designs in the back part.

I dont remember something special, well it was a relaxion day, just there, again my daughter went to the Fun Factory, and my 13 boy went to the Teen Club, but everyone have like 14 or more, so he is shy, so he went, but for the next time he will be bigger. I think that is a problem also that the 12 are not teens.

Well the day finish up, a little boring for my son, but well it finishe and we didnt went to the Trellis.

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