viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Day 4- December 24 in Puerto Montt.- Xmas

Well, a good thing no more seasickness. Well we arrive to Puerto Montt, a city situated in the Lake region, well like I tell you we were tendering, why?, it wasnt so bad as in other ports, a bad thing is thatwe had booked a tour, at 9:30 a.m., 30 minutes after it tenders, well we get to the port at 11:30, well at least when we arrived they were there. So our tour began, first they took us to the lake (one lake, I dont remember which one) it was very nice, after this we went to Puerto Varas the nice city, very german, I like it a lot, we also went to Saltos del Petrohue that is very nice, some waterfalls with a color combination in the water of blue and green, just incredible, and to another lake, or it was more: The national insect park, there were a lot, use light colors, not use black. after this they leave us in the city, it was really nice all this port, I think there are more things to see here.

We didnt want to eat in this port so we went to the ship, at least the boats were faster, then we arrive to the ship and we make a big mistake, for the security band, I left a bag were I had bought two skirfs very nice and a jacket of my daughter, obviously it never appear, we went to Guest Relation and also nothing. Well but another day my son lost a dental thing (n.i) in the case and guess what he find it, I guess because no one will like that.

Well this was all for this amaizing port that you need to see a lot.

And today is the first formal night, well it was actually our first night because we had never gone to the Trellis. Well it was very nice, the food excellent and the service, wow, just incredible. After the awsome night we went to the... the word I dont know, the thing they say in church, well we have that and then my two kids went to sleep, and I went until 2:00 a.m. to the Constellation

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