lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

Day 7- 27 Dec. Punta Arenas

Well for luck we had a tour with Celebrity in this port,and its better when is tender, recomendation: try to buy a tour of the ship when the ship is tender. Well because that we need it to be early in the Theater we have breakfast in the room, not so good, but acceptable. After that we went to Theatre and from there we were rapidly escorted to the boat, this was fast.

Arriving to the port, we went to bus for our tour to Penguins of Ottway, while in the driving of 45 minutes, our guide explain us many things about Chile, well and specially about the place, she also talk us about history about why it is named Tierra del Fuego. Well it was a long drive and many people slept. When we arrive to the Ottway Sound it was very cold, so we bought some hot chocolates, then we have an hour to walk there, well it was so cold that we kind of run, so it will be faster, and to enter in heat. But I was disapointing, like I see this penguins have a lot of cold like we that we didnt saw many, I recomend to do another thing in this port, but well, it doesnt matter. Then the bus left us in the center of the town, were there were many seller.

Oh and here was the problem, we want it to eat in a restaurant, but guess what, all were full, you need it to wait a lot, I imagine, its because there was another ship. Well because we didnt find a restaurant we went to the ship walking. Well for the reuturn the problem here was that it was very cold, we didnt have any problem of waiting, we wait like 15 minutes with a hot chocolate, but I heard that when you need it to wait more Celebrity start to call 65+ age and little kids because of the cold.

Well it was a nice port, I should suggest to do another thing.
We also have a dinner in the Trellis, with the two couples.

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