domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

New Cruise

Hi after being some months away from the cruises Im going back, now in the MSC Splendida, although is not such a popular cruise line I will give them a chance to see how is this line.
I will be going from November 27th to December 8th, from Genoa to Olimpia, Athens, Rhodes, Alexandria, Marmaris, Crete, Messina, Naples and then to Geneo. I have never been to a cruise this long without many sea days, there are only two. So its a whole new thing I hope I have a great time.

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

First Day in Buenos Aires

After arriving from the ship to the hotel, we have breakfast, and then we talk with the concierge for any recomendation. They recomend us to do a city tour, a really explain tour, and also to see Tango.

Well the city tour was excellent I recomend it for all tourist, it was with Friendly Tours. We start in the Plaza de Mayo where is the Pink House, we have a very interesting explanation of what happen here, Buenos Aires have many problems, then we go La Boca, its wonderdull its a must see of B.A., very colorfull with many dancers and specially the painter without hands.

Then we explore the city in Puerto Madero, so nice and elegant, but we didnt have time to be here so... And for final we finish in the La Recoleta Cementary, although its sounds boring actually is not, we were there like for 30 minutes were we can see the most important people there like Eva Peron or "Evita" This the third cementary more important in the world.

Like I said, this tour was amaizing very well explained.

Well the day went, and then we prepair for the Tango Show. It was in the "Teatro Porteño" very good but not too much for kids, I think it was going to be dinner with the show, well first was dinner and then the show, the food was very good but the meat very heavy for the night. I recomend this Tango Show for more adults because it finish 11:00, they have transportation that takes you to your hotel.

Well this was for this day, toomorrow... Shopping!!!

sábado, 7 de febrero de 2009

Last Day in the Cruise, Buenos Aires, Jan 4

I still cant imagine how fast it happen all that 15 days in the cruise. My vacation were incredible but also tired for the kids and me. Still, Celebrity gave me an excellent service.

This last day, we just have a quick breakfast and then wait for the hour that we can go down. It was really fast the disembarkation, they just say our color in 2 minutes we were in the terminal. For picking our baggage was easy but not so easy to find a man for helping us. After we found one we went to take a taxi, just one thing this is a reason why not finishing in BA, we wait like 40 minutes for a mini taxi that with luck the luggage fit there, 2 in the back part and one besides the driver.

The taxi take us to our hotel, where we are starting a new entry. My day in Buenos Aires

For review of the cruise:
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viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

Day 14- Monetvideo- Jan 3

Its almost the last day, and maybe it was long and heavy the trip but know that I seat here I realized I love the trip.
For this port we didnt have any idea of what to do maybe a city tour, well arriving to the port we pay a city tour. It was not a tour, he didnt explain, but I saw that in Montevideo you need to see many things, it was like that, that my kids just sleep in the car. Somethings I loved it was the Teatro and the plaza where Samantha Brown filmed here. I also could find my charger, yeah!!!, and I could see the beautiful Uruguay. I would love to go to a Gaucho Ranch, but I can´t.
Because my kids were so tired we went directly to the cruise.

Also today there was a great show, something around the world, well the bad thing is that my kids were very sleppy so we went to sleep and just saw some European dances.

And before that we have our last dinner in the Trellis. Sorry for all the bad reviews maybe for me it was excellent because it was my first cruise since 5 years. And the last one was the Disney. Today we left our baggage outside befor going to dinner.
So tomorrow we are leaving at 8:45, good hour, well better than 7:30 a.m.

Day 13- Punta Del Este /Jan 2

We arrive to this nice fashion rich port in Uruguay. This was the only port, above BA, that we need it to do paper formats. For this port we know what to do, go to Casa Pueblo. After arriving to the port there were many city tours, this are tours they explain you very good. We chose one with other people, but they were 65+ so it was kind of slow and many "I dont want to stop here" Like I say it we do a city tour with all the districts including the Beverly Hills. We also stop at the CasaPueblo museum, hotel, restaurant and house of the painter, its wonderful is a most see here, this turistic point is not for all the day, the museum is for 30 minutes plus a little of shopping and we have the luck of meeting the painter, he sign one book and give us one free. He is just a nice person and I love him because he honors the woman, all over the house he have poems for the woman.

Then they leave us at the port and we make the mistake of not going directly to the cruise. Well we eat at a near restaurant but very bad. And after that we walk for 1 hour to search for my charger, we didnt find it :(

When returning oh sorry I need to say we tender, there was a line of 1 hour. We waited less than an hour because they put 3 boats more. Obviously we sail like 1 hour late.
This day Celebrity was giving many prices of the Emporium, well and we didnt won :(
We have the last formal dinner, which was very good with some special things, I think my experience of this restaurant was excellent I dont know why people didnt like it.

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

Day 12, First Day of 2009!!!

Wow, its the first day of 2009, after a not so good party we have a fantastic first day.

My son went with our friends of the Trellis around the ship, to the pool with nice weather, then to many activities. It was a nice day, also for me because I have many things to go shopping, yeah!!!

There was the jokes, sing, photos and dance. There were mini events for chosing the Top 3. We never went to one, just vote for the photos. In the jokes, 2 were sooo boring and one his english was very british and I dont speak very well the english so... For sing, it was a classic one: New York, there was another very good that won and a kid that just sing for fun. In the photos won a very good photo of a penguin with the name of "Mom do I need to take a bath" and in the dance, there were some germans dancing the chacha, sorry leave that for others but they try their best, there was another couple that met in the cruise that need to win with their swing dance, and the winners were some colombians that just one because they have their 30 people family for them

I love it

New Years eve

I just saw that I didnt wrote about New Years Eve so here is:

We have diner at the Trellis, just incredible because they bring to my son a Funkey Monkey and my daughter a Cherli Temper oh and me a coke. Well when we were going, here a trick, if you have a nice waiter we accidently just brought the kids card and when the waiter saw it didnt pass he make our order free. We save 10 dollars this night and maybe another 10 other night.

Then we saw in the daily that it was going to be in the Pool deck, well it was going to be in the Constellation Club, for kids 17-13 you need to sign something, well poor my daughter she couldnt go, but there was the Notes Lounge for her. (Wii, and other things to play)
When we were in the line waiting for a format to sign for my son, people just yell Happy New Year, what afwul new year. Well very different. I think Celebrity need a lot of organization and there was 70% latin americans 15% americans 15%european.

So I will never sail with Celebrity in this dates.