viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

Day 13- Punta Del Este /Jan 2

We arrive to this nice fashion rich port in Uruguay. This was the only port, above BA, that we need it to do paper formats. For this port we know what to do, go to Casa Pueblo. After arriving to the port there were many city tours, this are tours they explain you very good. We chose one with other people, but they were 65+ so it was kind of slow and many "I dont want to stop here" Like I say it we do a city tour with all the districts including the Beverly Hills. We also stop at the CasaPueblo museum, hotel, restaurant and house of the painter, its wonderful is a most see here, this turistic point is not for all the day, the museum is for 30 minutes plus a little of shopping and we have the luck of meeting the painter, he sign one book and give us one free. He is just a nice person and I love him because he honors the woman, all over the house he have poems for the woman.

Then they leave us at the port and we make the mistake of not going directly to the cruise. Well we eat at a near restaurant but very bad. And after that we walk for 1 hour to search for my charger, we didnt find it :(

When returning oh sorry I need to say we tender, there was a line of 1 hour. We waited less than an hour because they put 3 boats more. Obviously we sail like 1 hour late.
This day Celebrity was giving many prices of the Emporium, well and we didnt won :(
We have the last formal dinner, which was very good with some special things, I think my experience of this restaurant was excellent I dont know why people didnt like it.

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