jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

Day 12, First Day of 2009!!!

Wow, its the first day of 2009, after a not so good party we have a fantastic first day.

My son went with our friends of the Trellis around the ship, to the pool with nice weather, then to many activities. It was a nice day, also for me because I have many things to go shopping, yeah!!!

There was the jokes, sing, photos and dance. There were mini events for chosing the Top 3. We never went to one, just vote for the photos. In the jokes, 2 were sooo boring and one his english was very british and I dont speak very well the english so... For sing, it was a classic one: New York, there was another very good that won and a kid that just sing for fun. In the photos won a very good photo of a penguin with the name of "Mom do I need to take a bath" and in the dance, there were some germans dancing the chacha, sorry leave that for others but they try their best, there was another couple that met in the cruise that need to win with their swing dance, and the winners were some colombians that just one because they have their 30 people family for them

I love it

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