lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

First Day in Buenos Aires

After arriving from the ship to the hotel, we have breakfast, and then we talk with the concierge for any recomendation. They recomend us to do a city tour, a really explain tour, and also to see Tango.

Well the city tour was excellent I recomend it for all tourist, it was with Friendly Tours. We start in the Plaza de Mayo where is the Pink House, we have a very interesting explanation of what happen here, Buenos Aires have many problems, then we go La Boca, its wonderdull its a must see of B.A., very colorfull with many dancers and specially the painter without hands.

Then we explore the city in Puerto Madero, so nice and elegant, but we didnt have time to be here so... And for final we finish in the La Recoleta Cementary, although its sounds boring actually is not, we were there like for 30 minutes were we can see the most important people there like Eva Peron or "Evita" This the third cementary more important in the world.

Like I said, this tour was amaizing very well explained.

Well the day went, and then we prepair for the Tango Show. It was in the "Teatro Porteño" very good but not too much for kids, I think it was going to be dinner with the show, well first was dinner and then the show, the food was very good but the meat very heavy for the night. I recomend this Tango Show for more adults because it finish 11:00, they have transportation that takes you to your hotel.

Well this was for this day, toomorrow... Shopping!!!

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