viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

Day 14- Monetvideo- Jan 3

Its almost the last day, and maybe it was long and heavy the trip but know that I seat here I realized I love the trip.
For this port we didnt have any idea of what to do maybe a city tour, well arriving to the port we pay a city tour. It was not a tour, he didnt explain, but I saw that in Montevideo you need to see many things, it was like that, that my kids just sleep in the car. Somethings I loved it was the Teatro and the plaza where Samantha Brown filmed here. I also could find my charger, yeah!!!, and I could see the beautiful Uruguay. I would love to go to a Gaucho Ranch, but I can´t.
Because my kids were so tired we went directly to the cruise.

Also today there was a great show, something around the world, well the bad thing is that my kids were very sleppy so we went to sleep and just saw some European dances.

And before that we have our last dinner in the Trellis. Sorry for all the bad reviews maybe for me it was excellent because it was my first cruise since 5 years. And the last one was the Disney. Today we left our baggage outside befor going to dinner.
So tomorrow we are leaving at 8:45, good hour, well better than 7:30 a.m.

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