jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

New Years eve

I just saw that I didnt wrote about New Years Eve so here is:

We have diner at the Trellis, just incredible because they bring to my son a Funkey Monkey and my daughter a Cherli Temper oh and me a coke. Well when we were going, here a trick, if you have a nice waiter we accidently just brought the kids card and when the waiter saw it didnt pass he make our order free. We save 10 dollars this night and maybe another 10 other night.

Then we saw in the daily that it was going to be in the Pool deck, well it was going to be in the Constellation Club, for kids 17-13 you need to sign something, well poor my daughter she couldnt go, but there was the Notes Lounge for her. (Wii, and other things to play)
When we were in the line waiting for a format to sign for my son, people just yell Happy New Year, what afwul new year. Well very different. I think Celebrity need a lot of organization and there was 70% latin americans 15% americans 15%european.

So I will never sail with Celebrity in this dates.

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