martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008

Infinity Cruise around horn

Hi this December Im going to Santiago Chile to take a cruise to BA. Now from 47 days to go, I have been searching and searching more
for this cruise since 250 days!!
Now Im here starting this thread, so people like you help me with this cruise, tell me your tip for the trip. Thanks, and now that is Nov 4, Go Obama!!

Please all the things that I can do in ports in SA please put a comment, Thanks

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Bob dijo...

I have the Celebrity Today from our Transatlantic in September and I will scan and attach the daily schedules if you like. But there are too many pages to do all of them.

But, I can't figure out how to make attachments.

Oavcech dijo...

hi thanks, me neither but if you want send it to my special mail thanks

Bob dijo...

Check Cruise Critic. Lsimon has given you links to what you wasked for.

Oavcech dijo...

Thanks, I already check it.

winetours dijo...

If you want you can do a winetour transfer with wine tours valparaiso.

English speaking guide from London and a great wine enthusiast.

They can pick you up from the port and the more people you can get to go along the cheaper it is.

Oavcech dijo...